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The Trauma Zone is a community based consulting company located in Chicago, IL that provides trauma informed, community asset based, trainings, resources and services. Our mission is to help organizations and communities thrive. 

Since our founding in 2021, we have serviced over 500 people.  

Welcome to the Trauma Zone

Dr. James' Story 

What inspired the creation of The Trauma Zone? 

Who is The Trauma Zone for? 

LEADERS OF ORGANIZATIONS: Who are looking to create a culture of community, healing and empathy for their teams and community based asset based development strategies. 


COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Who are looking for spaces that see them for the assets they possess and work to use those assets to help change their lives.

SCHOOLS & EDUCATORS: Who want realistic and healing centered ways to  to develop healing centered, culturally responsive school environments and classrooms. 


PARENTS & CHILD CAREGIVERS: Who want to learn ways to incorporate healing centered strategies into their parenting style and model them for their children.

EVERYBODY: We all need support in working toward creating healed and whole versions of ourselves and our communities. 

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