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Foundational Workshop

Novice to Intermediate Level Workshop 

Foundational workshops are utilized to offer participants with a wealth of knowledge on the selected topic. It then gives participants the opportunity to create actionable steps for application of the newly gained knowledge.


Skill Building Workshop 

Advanced to Expert Level Workshop 

Skill building workshops are utilized to refresh previously learned skills, utilizing an experiential learning framework. These workshops offer participants the opportunity to sharpen their skills and grow in their current capacity and role.


Program Creation Services 

A specialized Service 

Program creation begins with a 1:1 consultation with the client to determine the programmatic need. After the need is assessed, the consultant and partner work together to design and implement an effective community centered program.


Organizational Evaluation

A Specialized Service 

Beginning with a 1:1 consultation we will assess the impact, and effectiveness of current programs from an asset based and community oriented lens. Then partner with organizations to help brainstorm ways to improve their organizational structure and meet future organizational goals.

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