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As an educator and community health advocate, Dr. Jasmine James has helped individuals of all ages succeed academically, socially and emotionally. Jasmine’s skills are best presented in wellness spaces where she is able to educate people on health and wellness, as well as designing and leading large scale programs and projects. Her passion for her community has always been evident, but in her role as an educator and a researcher she was able to clearly identify the gap in community access and services that are vital for Black communities to be empowered and healed.  In 2021, she founded The Trauma Zone, a communal healing hub that seeks to disrupt the harmful cycle of trauma by creating healing spaces and providing wrap-around services for communities in Chicago, with a priority for Black communities. “I believe that education is a tool for community healing.  Therefore, as community healers it is our job to create spaces for people to move from survival and begin to thrive. It is our responsibility to help them grow into agents of change for their communities”. 

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